Courses Offered

Diploma in Education (D Ed.)
Intake: 100 students (as per NCTE norms and directions of the General Education department of the Government of Kerala).

In 2013 the elementory education curriculam revised and the TTC couse changed as DEd.(Diploma in Education), This Curriculam is approved by the 35th Kerala State School Curriculam Stearing Committe dated 25/06/2013. This D Ed. curriculam is approved by the general Education Department Govt. of Kerala as per GO 3280/2013/GEd dated 05/08/2013.


S1P1   -   Child Development and Learning
S1P2   -    Curriculum  and Pedagogy
S1P3  -     Malayalam – History, and Social Background
S1P4 -      Proficiency in English Language
S1P5 -      Environment as a Text Book
S1P6 -      Mathematical Learning and Approaches
S2P7 -      Pedagogy of Malayalam Language  -  Theory and Practice
S2P8 -      English Language  Teaching  -  Theory and Practice
S2P9 -      Pedagogy of EVS
S2P10-     Learning Mathematic at Primary Level
S2P11-     Art Education and Work Experience
S2P12-     Physical -  Health Education
S3P13 -    Learner AND Knowledge Acquisition
S3P14 -    Sociological ,Historical and Philosophical basis of Education
S3P15-     Art Education and Work Experience
S3P16-     Physical, Emotional Health and Health and Physical Education
S3P17-     Malayalam Language Learning and Literature
S3P18-     Pedagogy of English Language
S3P19-     a.  Pedagogy and Learning of  Maths
b.  Social Studies -  Content and Practice
c.   Education of Basic Science
S4P20-      Proficiency in Malayalam Language
S4P21-      Teacher Professional Development
S4P22-      a.  Pedagogy of Mathematics -  Theory and Practice
b.  Learning of Social Studies -   Theory and Practice
c.   Basic Science -  Practice
-   Art and Work Experience Teaching Practice
-   Physical -  Health Education Teaching Practice.



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